Guess the location of these iconic tourist destinations

One of the UK's most-visited natural attractions, the Cliffs of Moher stretch along the coast for five majestic miles. The rugged cliffs offer unparalleled views of the ocean below.

1. Ireland

2. Wales

3. England

In which country would your visit the Hasan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa and has the tallest minaret in the world at 700 feet tall.

1. Morocco

2. South Africa

3. Egypt

Situated 5,000 feet above sea level, Tianmen Cave is one of the highest naturally formed arches on the planet. In which country do visitors have to mount a 999-step "stairway to heaven" to reach the site.

1. Hong Kong

2. China

3. South Korea

In which country would you visit Ha Long Bay, where the best way to the awe-inspiring limestone towers is by boat. In fact, many tourists stay overnight on a boat in the bay.

1. Indonesia

2. Vietnam

3. Thailand

At 12,388 feet of Mount Fuji is a famous tourist location in which country?

1. Japan

2. Taiwan

3. Indonesia

In which city in the United Arab Emirates would you visit to see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, at 2,716 feet tall.

1. Abu Dhabi

2. Al Ain

3. Dubai

In which country would you visit Chichen-Itza, where ancient Mayan settlement dates back to the 400s and was abandoned in the 15th century.

1. Mexico

2. Belize

3. Guatemala

In which city would you visit the Anne Frank House, where her family hid from the nazis in a secret annex, that requires a reservation months in advance.

1. Paris

2. Berlin

3. Amsterdam

In which country would you find the Blue Lagoon? Which contrary to popular belief, isn't a naturally-occurring phenomenon, but made from a nearby geothermal power plant's discharge.

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Austria

Buckingham Palace is the British monarchy's administrative headquarters with a total of 775 rooms. In which English city would you need to be visiting?

1. London

2. Oxford

3. Windsor

Fans of "The Lord of the Rings" can visit Middle Earth in the form of Hobbiton, the movie set used to film scenes in the movies. In which country can you visit in the Shire?

1. Australia

2. United States of America

3. New Zealand

Which city in India is closest to The Taj Mahal, which was built by the emperor Shah Jahan between 1631 and 1648.

1. Agra

2. Kolkata

3. Mumbai

Which Brazilian city are you looking over from the 98-foot-tall statue in Tijuca Forest National Park, Christ the Redeemer?

1. Salvador

2. Rio de Janerio

3. Brasilia

Near which city in Egypt would you find The Great Sphinx, with the face of the ancient Egyptian King Khafre is 240 feet long and 66 feet high.

1. Cairo

2. Alexandria

3. Luxor

The Parthenon, built in the 5th century BCE for the goddess Athena is located in which Greek city?

1. Thessaloniki

2. Kalamata

3. Athens

The Dubrovnik Old Town is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in the world with enormous walls dating back to the 11th century. Which country are you in when you visit?

1. Croatia

2. Italy

3. Montenegro

Construction on the La Sagrada Família began in 1882 and still isn't finished. In which Spanish city would you visit this cathedral with over 4.5 million other tourists each year.

1. Madrid

2. Valencia

3. Barcelona

The world's largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni is located in which country?

1. Peru

2. Bolivia

3. Paraguay

In which country would you find Ba Na Hill, whose attractions include cable cars through the mountains, the Golden Bridge held up by enormous stone hands, and theme park rides.

1. United States of America

2. Vietnam

3. China

Located in Patagonia on Lake General Carrera, the Marble Caves (also known as the "Marble Cathedral") were created more than 6,000 years ago by waves that eroded the rocks. Which country would you be in if you visited the caves?

1. Uruguay

2. Chile

3. Argentina

All 20 questions completed!

Guess the location of these iconic tourist destinations

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