In which country is the World Heritage-listed Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca (aka El Morro)?

1. Spain

2. Mexico

3. Cuba

What is the largest alpine lake in North America?

1. Lake Louise

2. Lake Huron

3. Lake Tahoe

In which country is the bio-diverse archipelago of 1500 islands known as Raja Ampat?

1. Malaysia

2. Indonesia

3. Thailand

Considered sacred, what animal is the main attraction at Nara Park in Japan?

1. Amami rabbit

2. Sika deer

3. Dugong

In which country can you visit Lake Bled and Predjama Castle, as well as the capital Ljubljana?

1. Slovenia

2. Albania

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Formed by a massive volcanic eruption around 70,000 years ago, in which country is Lake Toba?

1. New Zealand

2. Canada

3. Indonesia

What private island in the Bahamas is an exclusive port for Disney Cruise Line ships?

1. Hook Harbor

2. Castaway Cay

3. Tinker Bell Island

In which US state is Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers conducted the first flight of a powered aircraft in 1903?

1. Kentucky

2. Ohio

3. North Carolina

The Mexican giant cardon is the world's largest what?

1. Cactus

2. Walking fish

3. Mezcal worm

What river begins as a spring in Pian del Re and ends at a delta flowing into the Adriatic Sea near Venice?

1. Rubicon

2. Tiber

3. Po

On what island is the Statue of Liberty?

1. Ellis Island

2. Roosevelt Island

3. Liberty Island

What does Nusa Dua, an enclave of resorts on the southern tip of Bali, mean in English?

1. Two mountains

2. Two islands

3. Two beaches

What is an ausbilden in Germany, a kereta in Indonesia, a pociag in Poland and a hyfforddi in Wales?

1. Bus

2. Train

3. Ferry

Seen by many Londoners every day, what was originally designed by Harry Beck?

1. London Eye

2. Big Ben

3. London Underground Tube map

With nine neighbours, which African country has the most borders with other countries?

1. Zambia

2. Chad

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

What airline was named the best in the world at the recent annual Skytrax World Airline Awards?

1. Qatar Airways

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Emirates

Which country does NOT share the island of Borneo?

1. Philippines

2. Indonesia

3. Brunei

In 2004, the inaugural flight for Jetstar Airways took off from Newcastle landed where?

1. Sydney

2. Gold Coast

3. Melbourne

Which cruise line operates ships sometimes known by the abbreviations QV, QE and QM2?

1. Cunard

2. Holland America

3. P & O

What Fijian resort island - attached to Viti Levu by a causeway - is home to top end hotels, a golf course and a marina?

1. Denarau Island

2. Vanua Levu

3. Castaway Island

All 20 questions completed!


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