How well do you know currencies around the world? – Part 4

Can you identify what currencies are used in different countries around the world. This quiz has 20 questions ranging from countries using currencies through to guessing the country from a picture of the currency? We think 14/20 would be the score to beat, good luck.

What is the currency of Sweden?

1. Euro
2. Franc
3. Krona

What currency would you use on Norfolk Island?

1. United States Dollar
2. Australian Dollar
3. Fijian Dollar

What is the main currency of Kazakhstan?

1. Tenge
2. Zloty
3. Leke

What currency is shared by Austria, Finland, France and Portugal?

1. Dollar
2. Euro
3. Pound

What country listed below uses zloty as its currency?

1. Lithuania
2. Poland
3. Estonia

What currency is ₹ the symbol for?

1. Indian rupee
2. Thai baht
3. Israeli shekel

What country uses a currency called the cordoba?

1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Nicaragua

If you were visiting Edinburgh, which currency would you need to have?

1. Pound sterling
2. Euro
3. Scottish Pounds

What is the main currency of Puerto Rico?

1. Puerto Rican Pound
2. Puerto Rican Crown
3. United States Dollar

Taka (pictured) is the main currency of which country?

1. Bangladesh
2. Albania
3. Kyrgyzstan

Kawacha (pictured) is the main currency of which country?

1. Zimbabwe
2. Zambia
3. Namibia

What is the oldest continuously used currency in the world?

1. United States Dollar
2. Japanese Yen
3. British pound sterling

Which countries currency is shown below?

1. Jordan
2. Jamaica
3. Zimbabwe

Two Middle Eastern nations use the dirham as their currency, the United Arab Emirates and …

1. Morocco
2. Jordan
3. Qatar

This Greek currency was official phased out in 2002. What was it called?

1. Vatu
2. Real
3. Drachma

While Korea and Taiwan used the yen at some point in their history, which country is the only one that still uses yen as the name of its currency?

1. Vietnam
2. Japan
3. China

Visitors to Denmark and Greenland would need to convert their native currency to which of the following?

1. Krone
2. Marcs
3. Gulden

While the currency of Argentina is represented with a $, it's called what?

1. Escuado
2. Pound
3. Peso

Which of these symbols represents the Euro, Pound, Yen and Dollar?

1. £, €, ¥, $
2. €, £, ¥, $
3. ¥, €, £, $

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) uses a special form of "currency" called what?

1. Special drawing rights
2. International financial credits
3. Monetary asset unit

All 20 questions completed!

How well do you know currencies around the world? – Part 4

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