How well do you know currencies around the world? – Part 2

From euros to rupee, can you identify what are the main currencies used in countries around the world. This quiz has 20 questions ranging from countries using dollars through to guessing the country from the currency? We think 14/20 would be the score to beat, good luck.

Which is the official currency of Bulgaria?

1. Rupee
2. Lev
3. Euro

Which country below does not use Dollars as its main currency?

1. South Africa
2. Singapore
3. Hong Kong

From those listed below, who appears on more denominations of currency worldwide?

1. George Washington
2. Queen Elizabeth II
3. Mao Zedong

In which country would you pay with Won?

1. North Korea
2. Taiwan
3. South Korea

What was notable (other than the denomination) of the 100,000 peso bank note issued by the Philippines in 1998?

1. It was faintly radioactive due to the inks used
2. It was as large as a sheet of legal paper
3. The edges were coated in gold foil

A Russian ruble can be divided into 100 what?

1. Zloty
2. Bekas
3. Kopeks

Which country below uses US Dollars as its main currency?

1. Ecuador
2. Cayman Islands
3. Guatemala

Which is the third most traded currency in the world after the US dollar and the euro?

1. Japanese yen
2. Australian dollar
3. British pound

In which country would you pay with a Shilling?

1. Kenya
2. Finland
3. Canada

Which country's coins have holes in it?

1. Bhutan
2. Taiwan
3. Japan

Which country invented plastic bank notes?

1. United States of America
2. Australia
3. South Africa

The United States of America circulated US $10,000 notes, who was on the front of it?

1. Woodrow Wilson
2. Salmon P Chase
3. Abraham Lincoln

What currency is used in Norway?

1. Norwegian krone
2. Euro
3. Norwegian shilling

Where in Asia would you use the peso?

1. Cambodia
2. Laos
3. Philippines

What currency is used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?

1. Euro
2. Ruble
3. Franc

What country uses a currency called the Cordoba?

1. Nicaragua
2. Panama
3. Portugal

What is the currency of Guatemala?

1. US Dollars
2. Quetzales
3. Pesos

What currency is pictured below?

1. Indian rupee
2. Afghan afghani
3. Japanese yen

Which is the only country on earth without coins?

1. Laos
2. Argentina
3. Indonesia

Where would you spend a Kina?

1. Samoa
2. Papua New Guinea
3. Fiji

All 20 questions completed!

World Currencies - Part 2

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