How well do you know international airports? – part 2

This quiz will sort out the frequent flyers from the rest, with a combination of International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes and airport names in major capital cities, this quiz tests if you have actually looked at those details on your boarding pass or you are more excited about checking in at the airport. There are 20 Questions and we think that 14 would be a good score. Good Luck

Located in Australia, which airport is pictured below?
1. Hamilton Island Airport
2. Broome Airport
3. Hobart Airport

PDX is an airport code for which American city?

1. Philadelphia
2. Portland
3. Phoenix

How many countries around the world fly directly into any New Zealand airport?

1. 12
2. 24
3. 6

Which of the following people have an airport in New York named after them?
1. Edward O'Hare
2. George Bush
3. Fiorello La Guardia

In which city would you find the John Lennon international airport?

1. Leeds
2. Liverpool
3. Manchester

Located in New Zealand, which international airport is pictured below?
1. Queenstown
2. Wellington
3. Auckland

From which countries listed below can you NOT fly directly to an airport in New Zealand?

1. India
2. Argentina
3. Canada

If you book a flight and are flying into an airport with an IATA code of SGN, which city will you arrive in?

1. Ho Chi Minh City
2. Singapore
3. Bangkok

Which city is home to Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports?

1. Marseille
2. Paris
3. Nice

What is that IATA code for Auckland international airport?

1. AKL
2. AKD
3. ALD

Galeão International Airport (GIG) is located in which city?

1. Mexico City
2. Rome
3. Rio de Janerio

Which city is home to Arlanda, Bromma and Skavsta airports?

1. Helsinki
2. Copenhagen
3. Stockholm

How many destination can you fly directly to from Dubai International Airport?
1. 127
2. 327
3. 227

Which city is home to Gatwick, Luton and Stansted airports?

1. Paris
2. Manchester
3. London

The American airport pictured below is located in which city?
1. Los Angeles
2. Chicago
3. San Francisco

What are the two airport codes if you were to fly from Brisbane to Dubai?

1. BBN to DXB
2. BNE to DUB
3. BNE to DXB

If you were flying on a red eye from SFO to BOS, which cities are you travelling between?

1. San Francisco and Boise
2. Seattle and Boston
3. San Francisco and Boston

Officially known as General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, which city is accessed by Logan airport?

1. Dallas
2. Chicago
3. Boston

The Canadian airport pictured below is located in which city?
1. Toronto
2. Vancover
3. Montréal

Which city is home to Marco Polo and Treviso airports?

1. Barcelona
2. Rome
3. Venice

All 20 questions completed!

How well do you know international airports - part 2

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