Natural wonders you should visit around around the world

While there are many man-made feats that fill us with awe like the Eiffel Tower or Great Wall of China, some of the most impressive sites on the planet were crafted by Mother Nature herself. Here you need to guess the natural wonder from the provided descriptions and photos. There are 15 questions and we think 10 would be the score to beat. Good luck.

Forged by glaciers millions of years ago, with red rocks that change colour with the position of the sun, making for a stunning backdrop to any photo. What is this immense geologic wonder known as?

1. The Grand Canyon
2. Tara River Canyon
3. Canyonlands National Park

Formed by volcanic activity some 50 million years ago, what assortment of tens of thousands of black cylindrical basalt rocks stretching out into the sea that separates Northern Ireland from Scotland?

1. National Trust Carrick-a-Rede
2. The Storr
3. Giant’s Causeway

One of Ireland's most popular tourist destinations, are a five-mile stretch of 700-foot bluffs overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean. What are the grass-covered cliffs where the sea meets the sky known as?

1. Cliffs of Moher
2. Cliffs of Dover
3. Cliffs of Kerry

Home to the largest coral reef system in the world, stretching more than 1,800 miles down Australia's east coast. What reef is longer than the Great Wall of China and can be seen from outer space?

1. Ningaloo Reef
2. Tubbataha Reef
3. Great Barrier Reef

Its mountains inspired the imaginary Hallelujah Mountains in James Cameron's hit film "Avatar,", what Chinese location is famous for its hulking peaks, shaky bridges, and deep caves.

1. Yangshou County
2. Guilin
3. Zhangjiajie

Stretching a whopping 29,035 feet into the sky above the border of Nepal and China. Ascending this mammoth Himalayan peak is an impressive feat attempted by few, and accomplished by even fewer. What is the the tallest summit on Earth?

1. Mount Everest
2. K2
3. Mount Kilimanjaro

The display of dancing lights near the Arctic Circle is created by the collision of various gaseous particles with charged particles from the sun's atmosphere. Also known as the Northern Lights what is their real name?

1. Northern Aurora
2. Aurora Borealis
3. Arctic Lights

Spanning 11 African countries, its sheer vastness of rolling red sands and windswept dunes make for a landscape unlike any other. What is the largest desert in the world at 3.5 million square miles?

1. Gibson
2. Sahara
3. Kalahari

Famous for inspiring Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, the iguanas, sea lions, penguins, finches, and tortoises that inhabit the picturesque islands are certainly not camera shy — they'll approach humans without hesitation. What destination is known for their unique and fearless wildlife?

1. Galapagos Islands
2. New Zealand
3. Faroe Islands

Known for its giant lizards that bear the same name, what island is also home to gorgeous tropical forests, renowned diving sites, and gorgeous beaches — one of which boasts pink sand and teal blue waters?

1. Komodo Island
2. Galapagos Islands
3. Heron Island

Known for its stunning cliffs, burnt-orange sunsets, bubbling waterfalls and being a Mac background, which US national park is one of the most widely-renowned and popular?

1. Zion
2. Yellowstone
3. Yosemite

Northeastern Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin is home to an astounding assortment of more than 1,500 undisturbed, hulking limestone islands and islets covered in greenery. What is the popular spot among hikers, kayakers, and scuba divers known as?

1. Ha Long Bay
2. Bay of Plenty
3. Galveston Bay

Located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, this waterfall is two times as wide and double the depth of Niagara Falls. What waterfall is widely considered to be the world's largest waterfall?

1. Victoria Falls
2. Angel Falls
3. Millaa Millaa Falls

Located in South Asia, a tropical nation comprised of 26 atolls, or coral-based islands are home to one of the most astounding arrays of sea life in the world. What nation with white-sand beaches and stunning crystal-clear waters attracting tourists from far and wide?

1. Seychelles
2. Kiribati
3. Maldives

The largest salt flat on the planet is a 4,086-square-mile expanse of salt-crusted earth in Bolivia. What is it known as?

1. Salt Lake City
2. Salar de Uyuni
3. Copacabana

All 15 questions completed!

Natural wonders of the world

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