Top 10 travel destinations that offer the best value for money

Spending less money on a holiday does not necessarily mean that you are not going to enjoy the holiday. The goal of picking a budget travel destination is to make your money stretch further and they don’t need to be consider cheap holiday destinations for that to happen.

A place that is far away but offers a good value in terms of experience and value for money might be a better option than an option that is closer to home that doesn’t seem like a good value option.

The places you have considered excellent value in the past won’t always remain so, especially when you factor in current conditions and exchange rates. So make sure you do your homework when planning a budget holiday.

Our list and results are based on our members feedback and the overall feeling of value for money at each destination. So without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 travel destination based on value for money.

  10. Canada

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The country is laden with lush forests, parks, splendid lakes, and exhilarating hiking trails, which provide ample activities if you want to travel Canada on a budget. There are many trails for hiking and biking that you can access without any cost.

  9. Italy

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From the Colosseum to the watery canals of Venice, Italy is one of the most iconic places for travellers from around the world to visit. Eating and Drinking the local cuisine is another reason that many people visit Italy, but make sure you have a strict budget if you want to do this every day, as it could soon add up, especially if you choose to eat near famous locations.

  8. Fiji

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Though Fiji is known the world over for its friendly locals and luxury all-inclusive resorts, travellers on a budget can still enjoy Fiji’s beautiful beaches, underwater wildlife, soft coral reefs, and tropical forests for a fraction of the cost.

  7. New Zealand

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Travel in New Zealand isn’t as expensive as you may think and there are plenty of amazing experience that you can have in nature, which can bring your spend down. If you approach your New Zealand holiday with a clever budget and look to save money on things that you can prepay, you might be surprised how much value you can get on your trip.

  6. Philippines

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The Philippines offers one of the most incredible budget travel destinations in the world, perfect perfect white-sand beaches, enchanting seas, mesmerising sunsets, friendly locals, and relaxed, tropical vibes. You will find great budget options for accommodation, activities, food and drinks across the country.

  5. Croatia

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Food can be expensive in Croatia, but there are plenty of ways to cut costs while you travel around this beautiful country with plenty of amazing sights and activities available. There are neighbouring countries like Montenegro that offer a cheaper option, but the fact that our members rate is so well for value for money shows that they are happy with what they pay for in Croatia.

  4. Cruise

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If you are looking in the right places you will probably end up finding cheap cruises, but costs on the ship can quickly increase your overall bill, so plan and stick to your budget while on a cruise or consider an all inclusive package that locks in the price you pay before you even leave.

  3. Bali

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Bali is a really budget-friendly destination that appeals to tourists from every background around the world. It’s pretty easy to visit the island and not have to worry about breaking the bank with plenty of budget travel options available.

  2. Thailand

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In Thailand you are able to fly between destinations, eat more delicious seafood and local meals, take more tours and activities, sleep in air-conditioned rooms, and drink more than what you could in other countries.

  1. Vietnam

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From food, accommodations, transportation, activities and souvenirs, they all end up costing less in one week than you would spend in a day in some other countries. And the experience of a Vietnamese holiday has been rated as the best value destination by our members.

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