Airport codes

Which German city would you be going if you were booked into TXL?

1. Frankfurt

2. Berlin

3. Hamburg

Excuse the language, but which airport uses the code FUK?

1. Fukuoka Airport, Japan

2. Fukui Airport, Japan

3. Fukue Airport, Japan

How many terminals are there at Charles de Gaulle airport?

1. Three

2. Five

3. Four

Which airport would I be travelling to if I am booked to LAS?

1. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

2. McCarran International Airport

3. Los Angeles International

In which country is Suvarnabhumi Airport?

1. India

2. Bangladesh

3. Thailand

BNE is the airport code for which capital city?

1. Berlin

2. Brisbane

3. Bali (Indonesia)

Orly Airport is located near which capital city?

1. Rome

2. Paris

3. Toronto

At peak times, how many flights per hour can the Hong Kong airport handle?

1. about 170

2. about 120

3. about 70

In what year was London Heathrow first opened as an airfield?

1. 1929

2. 1939

3. 1919

Which of the following is not a London Airport code?

1. LDN

2. LCY

3. LHR

Where in Canada is this airport YUL located?

1. Montréal

2. Vancouver

3. Toronto

In which city is the airport with code BRU located?

1. Brussels, Belgium

2. Bremen, Germany

3. Budapest, Hungary

LAX is a famous American airport, other US airport codes also end in 'X', but one of the airports listed below is a fake. Can you pick which one?

1. PDX - Portland Airport

2. PHX - Phoenix Airport

3. SFX - San Francisco

Where are you flying to if GOT is on your boarding pass?

1. Gloucestershire Airport, United Kingdom

2. Göteborg-Landvetter Airport, Sweden

3. Kings Landing International Airport, Westeros

Which airport is named after Leonardo da Vinci and has FCO as its code?

1. Pisa-San Giusto Airport

2. Aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino

3. Florence-Peretola Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport in near which capital city?

1. Manilla

2. Tel-Aviv

3. Seoul

If you are flying from CBR to NRT, which cities are you travelling from and to?

1. Canberra to Alice Springs

2. Cairns to Broome

3. Canberra to Tokyo

Which American airport has the most travelers per year?

1. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

2. Los Angeles International

3. Chicago O'Hare International

Where would I be going if I was heading to Marco Polo Airport?

1. Milan

2. Madrid

3. Venice

If you are flying from SYD to ZQN, which cities are you travelling from and to?

1. Sydney and Singapore

2. Sydney and Queenstown

3. Sydney and Suva

All 20 questions completed!

Airport codes

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