Countries starting with?

Which country starting with A, has the largest population?

1. Afghanistan

2. Algeria

3. Argentina

Argentina (45,101,781), Algeria (42,679,018) then Afghanistan (37,209,007)

Which letter is the start of more country names?

1. O

2. Y

3. Z

Z has the most with Zambia and Zimbabwe, compared to Yemen and Oman

Are there more countries starting with the word North or South?

1. North

2. Equal

3. South

There are 3 countries starting with South (South Africa, South Sudan and South Korea), compared to North Korea being the only country starting with North.

Which letter start's more country names?

1. B

2. C

3. S

There are 27 countries starting with an S, compared to 17 each for B and C

Name the highest and lowest population, for countries starting with M?

1. Mexico and Monaco

2. Malaysia and Maldives

3. Mexico and Micronesia

Mexico is the top country with approximately 132 million and Monaco, is the lowest with 39 thousand.

Which of the below is not a country name?

1. Lesotho

2. Larache

3. Luxembiurg

Larache is a city in Morocco, where as Luxembourg is both the city and a country. Lesotho is a landlocked country in South Africa.

How many countries start with the letter J?

1. 3

2. 4

3. 5

Japan, Jordan and Jamaica

Which country starting with D has the largest population?

1. Dominican Republic

2. Denmark

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo

The five countries that start with D are Democratic Republic of the Congo (86,000,000), Dominican Republic (11,000,000), Denmark (5,800,000), Djibouti (985,000), Dominica (75,000)

How many countries start with the letter I?

1. 6

2. 8

3. 10

There are 8 countries, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Iran, Israel, Ireland, Iceland

How many countries start with "United"?

1. 3

2. 4

3. 5

There are 3 countries, United States of America, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates

All 10 questions completed!

Countries starting with?

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