Food And Country Quiz?

What country does the kiwi fruit originate from?

1. United States

2. New Zealand

3. China

While many people associate the kiwi with New Zealand, its roots are actually in China. Its original name is "mihoutao" or "macaque fruit", and historical consensus suggests it first arrived in New Zealand at the start of the 20th century.

Where does haggis come from?

1. England

2. Northern Ireland

3. Scotland

I bet you thought it was from Scotland, but actually haggis originates from England! According to historian Catherine Brown, the English recipe for haggis was published 171 years before being popularised in Scotland.

What country does the English muffin originate from?

1. England

2. France

3. United States

Sure, a British ex-pat named Samuel Bath Thomas invented them, but he invented them when he emigrated to New York in 1874.

Where does hot chocolate originate from?

1. Mexico

2. Italy

3. Cuba

The first hot chocolate was invented by the Olmec, living in southern Mexico, whose chocolate drink was known as "xocol't".

Where does the Caesar salad originate from?

1. Mexico

2. Portugal

3. Italy

The origin of the Caesar salad has been well debated, but the generally accepted version is that Italian-American Caesar Cardini invented the salad in 1924 in Mexico.

What country do Danish pastries originate from?

1. Holland

2. Denmark

3. Austria

Despite the name, Danish pastries didn’t originate in Denmark, but Austria. They were brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, which is why they're known as "Viennese bread" in Denmark and parts of Scandinavia.

Where does coffee originate from?

1. Morocco

2. Ethiopia

3. Italy

The coffee plant originated from Ethiopia. No one knows exactly what happened, but many reports point to a goat shepherd named Kaldi, who discovered it after noticing the change in behaviour of his goats after eating from a certain bush.

Where does pineapple originate from?

1. Jamaica

2. Hawaii

3. South America

Like many foods, the exact origins of the pineapple are yet to be determined. However, many agree that the pineapple originates in the South America.

Where does chilli con carne originate?

1. Mexico

2. United States

3. Chile

Chilli con carne hails from Texas, United States, where its known as the official dish.

Which country does butterscotch originate from?

1. England

2. Spain

3. Scotland

Butterscotch-like candy was made in England, in the 1700s, and the name “butterscotch” first appeared in Yorkshire in the early 1800s.

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Food And Country Quiz?

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