Flags of the world

Can you name the countries from the flags shown below, there are 12 questions and no time limit.

Which African country uses this flag?

1. Mozambique
2. South Africa
3. Zimbabwe

Which Pacific island nation uses this flag?

1. Kiribati
2. New Caledonia
3. Tonga

Name one of the most recognised flags in the world?

1. Australia
2. England
3. United States of America

This flag belongs to an island in the Caribbean?

1. Barbados
2. Saint Kitts and Nevis
3. Grenada

To which nation does this flag belong?

1. British Virgin Islands
2. Solomon Islands
3. Haiti

Which country features a bird of paradise?

1. Zambia
2. Maldives
3. Papua New Guinea

Which Pacific island still has a union jack?

1. Cook Islands
2. Fiji
3. Samoa

Which African country uses this flag?

1. Malawi
2. Zambia
3. Togo

Which country uses this flag?

1. Romania
2. Chad
3. Belgium

You could have said either Chad or Romania

Both countries use the same flag.

Which European country uses this flag?

1. Albania
2. Georgia
3. Moldova

Which country uses this flag?

1. Lebanon
2. Bhutan
3. North Korea

Which country uses this flag?

1. Singapore
2. Malaysia
3. Panama

All 12 questions completed!

Name the following countries from the flags

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