Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 12

Time for another round of the general knowledge travel quiz, with questions ranging from the year the Golden Gate Bridge opened through to countries ending in -stan. There are 20 questions designed to challenge your general travel knowledge. We think 14/20 would be the score to beat. Good luck

Which of the 'new seven wonders of the world' is located in Jordan?

1. Chichen Itza
2. Machu Picchu
3. Petra

On a map of the London Tube, which line is drawn in bright red?

1. Central
2. Circle
3. District

Online check-in became available in 1999. Which airline offered it first?

1. Air France
2. Alaska Airlines
3. Qantas

Which of these icons is the tallest (from ground level)?

1. Christ the Redeemer
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Eiffel Tower

Which of these countries does the Amazon River NOT flow through?

1. Brazil
2. Colombia
3. Argentina

In which year did San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate bridge first open?

1. 1917
2. 1937
3. 1927

Dakar is the capital of which African country?

1. Senegal
2. Gambia
3. Burkina Faso

Which country is known as the Land of Fire and Ice?

1. Japan
2. Iceland
3. New Zealand

Which of the following countries does NOT feature the Union Jack on its flag?

1. Fiji
2. New Zealand
3. Samoa

What building would you find at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC?

1. Lincoln Memorial
2. Washington Monument
3. The White House

In which European city was musical film The Sound of Music set?

1. Munich
2. Vienna
3. Salzburg

After Rome's Colosseum, in whch of the following cities can you also find huge Roman amphitheatre still standing?

1. Pula, Croatia
2. Nice, France
3. Barcelona, Spain

What is a tiki?

1. Polynesian statue
2. Necklace
3. A Sarong

Before being rebranded Virgin Australia, what was the name of Virgin Blue's long-haul international operation?

1. V Australia
2. VB International
3. Virgin Blue International

In which country are Boeing aircraft built?

1. Germany
2. France
3. United States of America

In which Japanese city can you visit Nijo Castle and Sento Palace and see the cherry blossoms in Maruyama Park?

1. Sapporo
2. Kobe
3. Kyoto

What is the fourth largest continent?

1. South America
2. Africa
3. Europe

In which city would you find The Little Mermaid statue?

1. Amsterdam
2. Brussels
3. Copenhagen

How many countries end in -stan?

1. Seven
2. Six
3. Five

Where is the Eiffel Tower located in Paris?

1. Champ de Mars
2. Champs Elysees
3. Avenue Montaigne

All 20 questions completed!

Ultimate travel quiz - part 12

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