Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 7

Time for another round of the general knowledge travel quiz, with questions ranging from famous artificial canals through to which European city is home to the world’s oldest zoo. There are 25 Questions designed to challenge your general travel knowledge. We think 18/25 will be a good score. Good luck

Irvine Welsh's novel Trainspotting (1993) is set in which UK city?

1. Cardiff
2. Edinburgh
3. London

Roughly how much of the earth's surface is covered in water?

1. 71%
2. 51%
3. 91%

How many countries does China share a land border with?

1. 4
2. 9
3. 14

The Virgin Islands in the Caribbean are split between which two countries?

1. The USA and UK
2. France and the USA
3. Netherlands and France

Nairobi is that capital of which African country?

1. Ethiopia
2. Morocco
3. Kenya

The Oktoberfest beer festival is held every year in which German city?

1. Munich
2. Frankfurt
3. Hamburg

What is a gaucho?

1. A cold Spanish soup
2. A cloak worn in North Africa
3. A South American horsemen

What sport is played at Lords in London?

1. Cricket
2. Tennis
3. Golf

The Seychelles are an island nation in which ocean?

1. The Pacific Ocean
2. The Indian Ocean
3. The Atlantic Ocean

In which country could you visit Tongariro National Park?

1. Zambia
2. England
3. New Zealand

What is the official language of Brazil?

1. English
2. Portuguese
3. Spanish

The Straits of Magellan is a sea passage through which continent?

1. Asia
2. South America
3. Europe

The Don Juan Pond, the most salty body of water on earth, is located on which continent?

1. Australia
2. Antarctica
3. Asia

In what part of the world did bananas originate?

1. Europe
2. South East Asia
3. South America

Built by the pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BCE, what happened to the Abu Simbel temple complex in 1968?

1. It was destroyed by an earthquake
2. It was relocated, to make way for a water reservoir
3. It was buried by a sandstorm

Tabasco sauce was created and is still produced in which country?

1. Brazil
2. United States of America
3. Mexico

Used widely in Indian cooking, what is a Tandoor?

1. A utensil for stirring
2. An oven
3. A spice

How many years did it take to build New York's Brooklyn Bridge?

1. 14
2. 27
3. 7

The French capital, Paris, is situated on which river?

1. Seine
2. Thames
3. Rhine

Roughly how many Caribbean islands are there?

1. Around 700
2. Around 70
3. Around 7,000

Which iconic Italian structure was completed in 1372, 199 years after it begun?

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
2. Florence Cathedral
3. The Colosseum

Which European capital city is home to the world's oldest zoo?

1. Paris
2. Vienna
3. London

What artificial waterway links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?

1. Panama Canal
2. The Suez Canal
3. The Cape May Canal

Which city has the most sky scrappers? A skyscraper is a continuously habitable high-rise building that has over 40 floors and is taller than approximately 150 m (492 ft).

1. New York
2. Dubai
3. Hong Kong

Which of these animals can only be found in Africa?

1. Leopard
2. Zebra
3. Elephant

All 25 questions completed!

Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 7

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