Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 9

Time for another round of the general knowledge travel quiz, with questions ranging from famous rivers through to obscure capital cities. There are 20 questions designed to challenge your general travel knowledge. We think 14/20 would be the score to beat. Good luck

In which country can you see Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier?

1. Norway
2. Argentina
3. New Zealand

What is the largest country in South America?

1. Chile
2. Brazil
3. Argentina

What is The Cote d'Azur better known as in English?

1. The French Alps
2. The French Riviera
3. The Champagne region

In which country is Kotor, the third most popular cruise ship destination in the Adriatic?

1. Slovenia
2. Croatia
3. Montenegro

Which of these mountain ranges is located in South Africa?

1. Atlas
2. Drakensberg
3. Tibesti

In Hawaii, what are Haleakala, Leahi and Hualalai?

1. Beaches
2. Flowers
3. Volcanoes

Where is Guiness, a world famous beer brewed?

1. Ireland
2. Denmark
3. Belgium

How many islands does Australia have within its maritime borders?

1. 8,222
2. 82
3. 822

What colour is the Circle line on the standard London Underground map?

1. Yellow
2. Green
3. Black

If you were going to take a trip down the Amazon River, which of these countries would you definitely not pass through?

1. Peru
2. Chile
3. Brazil

What is the capital of Spain?

1. Barcelona
2. Madrid
3. Valencia

How many stars are there on the flag of China?

1. 1
2. 5
3. 3

Which of these world famous sites is the tallest?

1. Uluru
2. The Eiffel Tower
3. The Great Pyramid of Giza

Which country has Vaduz as it's capital?

1. Slovakia
2. Lichtenstein
3. Romania

Which country has more lakes than the rest of the world combined?

1. Canada
2. Russia
3. Norway

Known for its distinctive architecture and bright colours, in what city is St Basil's Cathedral?

1. Moscow, Russia
2. Warsaw, Poland
3. Kiev, Ukraine

What Native American woman accompanied the explorers Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition?

1. Sacagawea
2. Tacumwah
3. Pocahontas

In what city do The Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge and Liberty Bridge cross the River Danube?

1. Vienna
2. Budapest
3. Bratislava

Koh Samui is a large island known for its amazing beaches and crystal sea, which country does it belong to?

1. Sri Lanka
2. Thailand
3. Indonesia

The Straight of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with which other body of water?

1. Mediterranean Sea
2. Arctic Ocean
3. Pacific Ocean

All 20 questions completed!

Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 9

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