Ultimate traveller quiz – Part 14

Time for another round of the general knowledge travel quiz, with questions ranging from famous cities through to the start and end of airliners. There are 20 questions designed to challenge your general travel knowledge. We think 14/20 would be the score to beat. Good luck

Which country has just built the 90-seater ARJ21 passenger plane, it's the first airliner?

1. India
2. Japan
3. China

The national flag of Wales features what creature?

1. Lion
2. Dragon
3. Horse

In which Australian state or territory will you find Mount Disappointment?

1. New South Wales
2. Queensland
3. Victoria

Which of the following is NOT one of the United Arab Emirates?

1. Abu Dhabi
2. Qatar
3. Dubai

A popular filming location, the Vasquez Rocks are found in which US state?

1. New Mexico
2. California
3. Utah

As the construction of the final Airbus A380 superjumbo nears completion, where was the final assembly plant located?

1. Toulouse, France
2. Milan, Italy
3. Seattle, United States of America

The 12 Apostles on Victoria's Great Ocean Road are made of what type of rock?

1. Dolomite
2. Limestone
3. Sandstone

Where would you find the ancient Greek sculptures known as the Elgin Marbles?

1. The British Museum, London
2. The Parthenon, Athens
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

In what year did the first Qantas 747 jumbo jet take to the skies for the airline?

1. 1961
2. 1981
3. 1971

The Wien river flows through which European city?

1. Paris, France
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Riga, Latvia

Which of the following countries does NOT have at least one star on its national flag?

1. Singapore
2. Maldives
3. Vietnam

In which Pacific nation would you be greeted with the word "Bula"?

1. Tahiti
2. Fiji
3. Vanuatu

Which Australian airport has the IATA code OOL?

1. Hamilton Island
2. Gold Coast
3. Kalgoorlie

Tony and Maureen Wheeler founded which company in 1975?

1. Contiki
2. Lonely Planet
3. Flight Centre

Which airline is the national carrier of Portugal?

1. POT
2. TAP

Located north of Perth in Nambung National Park is a series of desert limestone formations known as what?

1. The Bungle Bungles
2. The Pinnacles
3. The Olgas

What would you find at the top of Corcovado mountain?

1. Jesus statue
2. World's highest radio tower
3. Revolving restaurant

The Japanese savoury pancake typically filled with green onions, seafood and meat is called what?

1. Teriyaki
2. Takoyaki
3. Okonomiyaki

In which US state will you find Mount Rushmore?

1. North Dakota
2. Wyoming
3. South Dakota

Which Indian city is famous for its bright pink buildings?

1. Jaipur
2. New Dehli
3. Mumbai

All 20 questions completed!

Ultimate traveller quiz – Part 14

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