The ultimate Australian trivia quiz

The is the ultimate test for every Australian, with answers ranging from local sites to food. There are 20 questions in this quiz and we think 14/20 would be the score to beat. Good Luck

How old was Ned Kelly when he was shot down at Glenrowan, Victoria in 1880

1. 25
2. 45
3. 35

Of the 2 deadliest snakes in the world, how many can be found in Australia?

1. 21
2. 25
3. 11

In 1906, the world's first Surf Life Saving club was founded at which Australian beach?

1. Surfers Paradise
2. Brighton Beach
3. Bondi Beach

More than 80 years after he first went on display, Phar Lap remains our most popular exhibit at which Australian Museum?

1. MONA Tasmania
2. Melbourne Museum
3. Australian National Museum

If you visit a new Australian beach every day, how many years would it take you to visit them all?

1. 16 years
2. 3 years
3. 29 years

Kata Tjuta is also known as?

1. Mount Zeil
2. Uluru
3. The Olgas

What does the name Qantas come from?
1. Queens Australian Northern Transport Air Service
2. Queensland And National Transport Air Service
3. Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services

In 1953 David Warren of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories of Melbourne invented what ingenious device that is now installed in every international plane.

1. Autopilot - a tool that can manage the aircraft under certain conditions
2. The jet propulsion engine
3. The black box flight data recorder

What percentage of Australians live within 100km of the nearest coast?

1. 78%
2. 98%
3. 90%

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Milkshake Hills, Granny’s Gut and Satan’s Lair are in which Australian state?

1. Western Australia
2. Tasmania
3. South Australia

At 120km, which Australian island is the world’s largest sand island.

1. Fraser Island
2. Rottnest Island
3. Lord Howe Island

The Ghan, a 48-hour rail journey between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin spans 2979km has operated since?

1. 1978
2. 1928
3. 1878

Cape Byron is Australia's most eastern point, but where is Australia's most western mainland point?

1. Steep Point
2. North West Point
3. Cape Leeuwin

In 1958 Ross Arnott of Arnott’s Biscuits attended the Kentucky Derby. The name of the winning horse was?

1. BBQ Shapes
2. Scotch Finger
3. Tim Tam

How big is Anna Creek Station, South Australia, the largest cattle ranch in the world?

1. 14,000 square kilometres
2. 24,000 square kilometres
3. 34,000 square kilometres

Created in 1924 by Fitzroy-based MacRobertson Chocolates, what is Australia's oldest chocolate bar?

1. Mars bar
2. Cherry Ripe
3. Kit Kat

In which state would you find the Brisbane Ranges National Park?

1. Victoria
2. Western Australia
3. New South Wales

Green grocers, blue moons and yellow mondays are all?

1. TV characters
2. Australian cicadas
3. National retail chains

What Australian icon was created in Renmark, South Australia?

1. Cask wine
2. Budgy smugglers
3. Surf-ski's

Coober Pedy is located between which two Australian cities?

1. Adelaide and Broken Hill
2. Adelaide and Alice Springs
3. Alice Springs and Mount Isa

All 20 questions completed!

The ultimate Australian trivia quiz

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