Ultimate traveller quiz: Part 3

Welcome to this weeks ultimate traveller quiz, where you can test your knowledge or guess some answers. Some questions may be easy and some are designed to be a little harder. 10 out of 15 would be considered a good score on this quiz. Good luck

Now offering tours conducted by former inmates, on what island was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27 years?

1. Robben Island
2. Treasure Island
3. Cape Island

Which city has the most active Airbnb listings in the world?

1. London
2. Paris
3. New York

What is a Bajan?

1. Native of Barbados
2. Cuban Cigar
3. Arabian Sailboat

Home to well-preserved Roman sites at Timgad and Djemila, what is the largest country in Africa?

1. Algeria
2. Sudan
3. Chad

What is the first Victorian city you reach when you drive from Sydney to Melbourne on the Hume Highway?

1. Wodonga
2. Wangaratta
3. Mildura

Where are you cruising if you make port in the towns of Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau?

1. Scandinavia
2. Alaska
3. Caribbean

Which country’s national motto ‘Ordem e progresso’ (Order and progress) is inscribed on its flag?

1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Portugal

The flag of Papua New Guinea features a bird of paradise and what else?

1. Shield and Spear
2. Southern Cross
3. Orchid

A person who studies flags is known as a what?

1. Pennanologist
2. Fondoriolist
3. Vexillologist

The Taj Mahal is situated on the southern bank of what river?

1. Ganges
2. Krishna
3. Yumana

Christ the Redeemer, a 30-metre tall statue on Corcovado mountain, overlooks what city?

1. Rio De Janerio
2. Buenos Aires
3. Barcelona

Produced when particles collide with oxygen, what is the most common colour of the Aurora Borealis?

1. Blue
2. Green
3. Purple

In which Victorian town is Sovereign Hill, which commemorates the discovery of gold in 1851 and the Eureka uprising of 1854?

1. Ballarat
2. Bendigo
3. Walhalla

Which of these countries is NOT in Africa?

1. Togo
2. Yemen
3. Djibouti

What is the capital of Germany?

1. Hamburg
2. Berlin
3. Munich

All 15 questions completed!

Travel quiz - part 3

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