Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 8

Time for another round of the general knowledge travel quiz, with questions ranging from capital cities through to famous landmarks. There are 20 questions designed to challenge your general travel knowledge. We think 14/20 would be the score to beat. Good luck

Where can you see the moai, monolithic heads carved by the Rapa Nui people?

1. Tahiti
2. New Zealand
3. Easter Island

What are the three longest rivers in the world?

1. Nile, Amazon, Yangtze
2. Amazon, Ganges, Yangtze
3. Nile, Yangtze, Ganges

What is the main language in Argentina?

1. English
2. Spanish
3. Italian

Which city below is NOT home to a Disney theme park?

1. Paris
2. Tokyo
3. Singapore

In France, what are you saying when you say Bonjour?

1. Good bye
2. Thank you
3. Hello

Hong Kong is also known as...

1. The Jewel of the East
2. The Pearl of the Orient
3. The Heart of the Sea

In which city would you find St Paul's Cathedral?

1. Rome
2. Paris
3. London

What river flows through the capital city of England?

1. River Thames
2. River Severn
3. River Aire

Perhaps consumed by pessimism, who named Cape Tribulation, Mount Warning, Point Danger and Weary Bay?

1. James Cook
2. Ludwig Leichhardt
3. Christopher Columbus

Which airline's tail fin is pictured below?

1. Air France
2. British Airways
3. United Airlines

What is the capital of Vanuatu?

1. Port Vila
2. Apia
3. Nuku'alofa

In which US state would you visit Mount Rushmore?

1. Wyoming
2. Georgia
3. South Dakota

What famous Australian beach is pictured below?

1. Bondi Beach
2. Surfers Paradise
3. Bells Beach

The name of what capital city in Asia means muddy river or estuary?

1. Jakarta
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Bangkok

Beirut is the capital city of which country?

1. Lebanon
2. Syria
3. Isreal

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area, what is the total area?

1. 8,688,287 square kilometres
2. 6,688,287 square kilometres
3. 7,688,287 square kilometres

Which city, known as The City of Dreams, is also the most populous and wealthiest in its country?

1. New York
2. Tokyo
3. Mumbai

What is the capital of Turkey?

1. Istanbull
2. Antalya
3. Ankara

The two lowest (by elevation) capital cities in the world are Amsterdam in the Netherlands and what other city?

1. Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Male, Maldives

Occupied by the US Navy from 1899 until 1992 and home to Malawaan Park, in which country is Subic Bay?

1. Philippines
2. India
3. Cuba

All 20 questions completed!

Ultimate traveler quiz – Part 8

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